Emphasizing harmony for 
two merging broadcast stations


KRO and NCRV are two of the biggest broadcast stations in the Netherlands. In 2015 they merged to KRO-NCRV. Their programs value unique relationships and give importance to the connection of people. Their shared vision is to be a binding component in society.

KRO-NCRV wanted a brand that is easy and approachable at all times, anticipates on peoples needs through the day, and brings harmony to a diversity of programs and audiences, without losing its heritage.

Because both broadcast stations have Christian roots, the visual identity uses a grid referring to 'the seed of life.' A religious symbol that stands for the seven days in which God created the earth.

The grid of interlinked circles is used to create a collection of recognizable identity shapes and can be implemented in multiple ways to communicate all their activities and announce their diverse range of programs.


Brand identity / Digital design

Lava Amsterdam

Creative Direction & Design