Urban gaming in the city at playraum festival

Raum Utrecht

Playraum is an urban gaming festival initiated by public culture area Raum in the city of Utrecht. The games you can play during the festival let you discover and view the environment, and the people in it while playing. The environment transformed into a world where fantasy and reality can no longer be distinguished.

The festival program organized group and individual games taking place in the city. For example, talking lampposts, chatbot performances, a running trail through artworks and buildings, a live-action-role-tutorial (LART), augmented reality games, a Pokémon Go meetup and Ingress expeditions.

The average age of the audience at this festival is in their 30s. Therefore, the identity uses a visual reference to the famous and highly energetic pixel games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The pixelated heart character ‘Raumer’ is the hero of the show, announcing all the different games, talks, and performances.

Raum Utrecht

Campaign / Brand identity / Motion design

Lava Amsterdam

Creative Direction & Design