Cinema that changes the picture


Cinemien is an independent, arthouse film distributor active in the Netherlands, Belgium 
and Luxembourg. Cinemien exists for over 40 years 
with a passion for movies and an eye for talent.

The name Cinemien is a combination of the words cinema
and mien. Mien refers to Dolle mina, a feministic movement from the ’70s who were fighting for equal rights for women.

Cinemien wanted their rebellious heritage and history represented in their brand identity by making a statement on 
all touchpoints.

The visual identity takes inspiration from the old marquee movie signs, presenting blunt and bold movie announcements. The words were hand placed on the sign, and the kerning between the letters was irregular. In the identity, this irregularity is exaggerated and combined with the bright red color to create 
an outspoken visual language.


Brand identity / Digital design / Motion design

Lava Amsterdam

Creative Direction & Design