Global platform for ground-breaking research


The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is a global humanities and social sciences research institute and knowledge exchange platform that supports programs which engage international partners. Together they contribute to a better and more integrated understanding of present-day Asian realities. They encourage dialogue and link expertise, involving scholars and other experts from all around the world in their activities.

First, IIAS needed help to focus on what matters most and position the institute as a unique global platform in their field. Together we worked closely to explore and define the key elements of the brand. The proposition and central concept for the brand became ‘Connecting people and knowledge.’ Giving them the platform to integrate all activities, events and communication.

The connection between people and knowledge starts with research, finding and organizing the right connections in the physical and theoretical, from an endless variety of sources.
The new visual identity of IIAS uses this process as a clear and intuitive visual system. Every type of content is organized, stacked, and connected, creating a rich, layered coherence.


Strategy / Brand identity / Website

Lava Amsterdam

Creative direction & design