A tasty history of Antwerp

MAS, Antwerp

In MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) Antwerp, the exhibition ‘Antwerp à la carte’ reveals the intimate relationship between the city and its food. Not only from a contemporary perspective but through time from the 16th century to the distant future.

The exhibition gives insights about how the city of Antwerp gets its food. From which parts of the world, food gets imported and how it reaches the city. It tells an engaging story about the different foods people eat and shares the evolution of various culinary locations in the city. It gives a future perspective about how Antwerp and its food culture will develop and what to do about food waste.

All signs, posters and other communication of the exhibition, uses a bold black and white visual system. The system guides the audience through the eclectic collection of objects, paintings, installations and all other activities.

MAS, Antwerp

Exhibition design / Graphic design


Felt Architecture

Pieter Kers