The largest international summit ever held in the Netherlands

Nuclear Security Summit 2014

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) is one of the biggest international conferences in the world, initiated by President Obama. The summit focusses on global security of nuclear material. The Netherlands hosted the 3rd summit in March 2014 in The Hague. The Hague Summit built on the impressive track record of the previous two Summits, and focused on the key issues of strengthening the global nuclear security architecture, elevating the importance of cooperation between governments and nuclear industry, and maintaining the high level of achievement on Summit commitments

Because nuclear security is a sensitive subject, the challenge was to communicate this topic carefully and stay away from any negative image. The goal was to make people feel safe, comfortable and good informed instead of worried and scared.

The visual identity uses a triangular grid with a hidden representation of the nuclear symbol. The grid system is the fundament of a clean and straightforward visual language in a usually visual conservative political arena.

Nuclear Security Summit 2014

Visual identity / Signage / Campaign

Lava Amsterdam

Creative Direction & Design