Red hot chili peppers that burn, burn, burn

Ring of FIre

Ring of Fire is a new fiery and tasty sambal for hot-lovers. Sambal is an Indonesian spicy chilipaste made from mixture of a variety of chili’s, spices and herbs. It’s mostly used in the Asian cuisine but it fits with any snack or dish. In October 2020 the sambal launched and we produced the first batch. This new delicious sambal needed a brand that’s fun and just as tangy as the chilipaste itself.

The name refers directly to a song by Ring of Fire’s spirit animal, Johnny Cash. Together with another music hero, Elvis Presley, they are giving this new jar of hot joy the right introduction with quotes from their songs. The Ring of Fire chili’s carry the brand by singing their songs and joyously screaming for more. The name and brand identity tells you exactly what you can expect while eating this goodness.

Ring of FIre

Brand Idenity