A reliable ecommerce platform for the tech enthusiast


Twenty years ago a group of tech enthusiasts started a webshop called ‘Mobile Harddisk’ that, unsurprisingly, focussed on selling only one product: mobile harddisks. Their webshop evolved into a reliable ecommerce platform with a wide range of digital products for the tech savvy professionals. Striving to deliver tailor-made solutions for each client with a unique request they distinguish themselves through a personal approach and expert service.

The companies growth and increased product offering asked for a new positioning with a new and better fitting name and a visual identity that matches their ambitions. With ‘TrueBase’ as the new name, their direct and personal approach (True) and the reliable service and products (Base) are now both captured in the name and presentation.

The new identity and web platform give TrueBase the possibility to sell their full range of high quality digital products and to further emphasize on their unique personal service and values. Like this, they are the true friend helping each tech enthusiast to find the product they need.

Naming and copywriting in collaboration with Sacha Spijker.


Naming / Brand Identity / Website



Creative Direction & Brand Design