Two partners unified under one brand


There’s a lot of water in the Netherlands. People live alongside it, swim in it in summertime, and drink it every day. The company that regulates all water in the Amsterdam region is Waternet. Waternet partners up with Water Authority Amstel Gooi and Vecht, to ensure all subjects regarding water are the best they can.

A new brand strategy was developed. By starting from the public’s perspective, the communication strategy is clear, open, and transparent. One that answers questions, shares activities, and talks to Waternet’s customers personally.

Waternet’s new identity is a bright and no-nonsense system that is both servant and friendly. Its simple rules make it easy to apply it to all the different items. By using the renewed icon very prominent and consequent, the brand is better recognizable. Now every time people connect with the Waternet brand, whether it’s a boat, a road-banner, or car, they know it’s about water. It changed from communicating ‘Waternet works here’, to actually telling people what Waternet is working on.


Strategy / Brand identity / Digital design

Lava Amsterdam

Creative Direction & Design